Obedience Class

DSC_1153-800During Puppy and Level One classes we teach a variety of basic obedience behaviors such as loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, attention, leave-it and come when called. We also cover topics such as potty training, nutrition, exercise, grooming, basic hygiene and discuss how to deal with unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, chewing and barking. No previous training is required.


Level Two class will teach you how to increase the proficiency of your dog’s obedience around increasingly difficult distractions. Dogs will build on their level one behaviors and learn to heel, stand for examination and practice moving through an obedience course. Puppy or Level One training is prerequisite.

Level Three works toward off leash behaviors requiring the dogs to be extremely attentive to their handlers. Classroom activities include challenging obedience exercises and games. Level Two or its equivalent is mandatory.

Tricks, Fun and Games is a class which incorporates obedience skills with learning how to perform tricks such as spin, fetch, bow, shake, close the door and roll over. We play games in every class and the winners take home prizes (or eat them in class). Prior obedience training and/or evaluation is necessary.

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