Perfect Paws U has a new indoor climate controlled facility at our existing location with many new added services to offer it’s clients.  Boarding, Doggie DayCare, Obedience, Agility, barn hunt, scent work and other classes as we expand for year round k-9 activities for the well being of your dog.


Kennel suite boarding with radiant floor heat and air conditioning.

Your dog will be walked 3 or more times a day and enjoy 3 private playtime sessions.

$27.00 per day (includes tax)

Day care

Our facility provides social interaction interaction and physical activities for your dogs while you are away at work.

$26.00 per day or visit

3 visits @ $25.00 per day or visit

5 visits @ $24.00 per day or visit

10 visits @ $23.00 per day or visit


Hours vary depending on day care and lessons.

Drop off and Pick up times: Please note!

If Dropping off before 12:00 pm you will be charged for a full day.

If Picking up after 12:00 pm you will be charged for the following day.

Saturday / Sunday hours end at 3:00 pm

Special notes to clients

Items you bring with you must be sanitized. Containers must be air tight. Bring your own scoop for dog food in container.

Special cleaning and care must be adhered to always but now more stringently in this pandemic.

All items and dog will be clean coming in and going out of this facility! Please wipe down fur and all items before dropping off your dog.

We will also ensure your dog will be wiped down and all items cleaned leaving with your dog.

COVID-19 guidence for Doggie day care